This is it!á The popularáJonesboro Radio Groupá"Half Price Hook Up"

This is yourásource for some of the best deals at the area's best restaurants and businesses!ááHere you can buy 1/2 off gift certificates --á That's right, 50% off food and more!á

Each week we'll feature a different business.á Typically, we will announce the Half Price Hook Up on Monday.á Then, at 9:00 AM Thursday morning, we'll open up our Half Price Hook Up ONLINE store for ordering.

Make sure that you review the conditions and restrictions for each on-sale.á Each restaurant will have different restrictions for its certificates.á

But, you better be fast!á We are only able to provide a limited number of gift certificates each week.

Keep in mind.á At 9:00AM on Thursday, there will literally be hundreds of Jonesboro Radio Group listeners logging on at the same time to buy these certificates.á Be fast!á Be familiar with the process!á And, expect delays!á Our servers are hit hard!

On the left, click PAST DEALS to review previous Hook Up onsales.á Find restaurant menus, driving directions, contact information, website links and more.

Have fun and Happy shopping! And keep checking back for more half-off certificates fromáHalf Price Hook Up!

8 Mode Tens Massager - $39 with FREE Shipping!

$199.99  $39.00

Toilet Motion Light - $12 with FREE Shipping!

$29.99  $12.00

"The Love Between a Mother and Her Child is Forever" Charm Necklace - $13 with FREE Shipping!

$95.00  $13.00

Sophia Bracelet - $14.50 with FREE Shipping!

$99.00  $14.50

Dulcea Necklace - $15 with FREE Shipping!

$185.00  $15.00

The Love Between a Mother & Daughter Knows No Distance Bracelet - $13 with FREE Shipping!

$95.00  $13.00

Teardrop Bracelet - $13 with FREE Shipping!

$105.00  $13.00

NFL Inspired Bangle Bracelet- $9.50 with Free Shipping

$23.00  $9.50

NFL Inspired Earrings (Post or Dangle style)- $9.50 with Free Shipping

$20.00  $9.50

NFL Inspired Team Necklace- $11 with Free Shipping

$20.00  $11.00

Collegiate Inspired Wine Stopper- $11.50 with Free Shipping

$23.00  $11.50

Collegiate Inspired Necklace- $11 with Free Shipping

$20.00  $11.00

Collegiate Inspired Bangle Bracelet- $9.50 with Free Shipping

$23.00  $9.50

Collegiate Inspired Earrings (Dangle or Post)- $9.50 with Free Shipping

$20.00  $9.50

NFL Team Inspired Wine Stoppers- $11.50 with Free Shipping

$23.00  $11.50

8 Pack of Floating Wishing Lanterns - $17 with FREE Shipping!

$33.99  $17.00

Santa's Good List Certificate - $6 with Free Shipping

$10.00  $6.00

Orlando, Daytona, and/or Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 5 Days/4 Nights for only $79 + $100 Card

$696.00  $79.00

3 Days/ 2 Nights in Orlando for only $59 & $100 Restaurant Gift Card

$398.00  $59.00

16 Piece Superhero Lego Inspired Building Set with Cars - $25 with FREE Shipping!

$49.99  $25.00